FIFS Congress 2022

Federation International Football Skating FIFS will organize the next Congress during the Football Skating World Cup 2022.

The 15th Football Skating World Cup will be organized in Genova – Italy, on 08th – 14th, June 2022.

For sure the MSG 2022, including 19 Sports championships, and Football Skating World Cup, will be one of the biggest and most exciting events in Italy.

FIFS Extraordinary Congress 2022 will be organized during the World Cup.

Federation International Football Skating will elect and appoint the new board members for the following confederations and Committees:


  • Europe Confederation
  • Asia Confederation
  • Africa Confederation
  • America Confederation
  • Oceania Confederation

FIFS Committeis and Departmants: 

  • FIFS Men Athletes Representative
  • FIFS Women’s athletes representative
  • FIFS Women’s development
  • FIFS Education Development
  • FIFS Technical Committee
  • FIFS Schools Development
  • FIFS University Development
  • FIFS World Cup Committee
  • FIFS Judges Committee
  • FIFS Instructors Committee
  • FIFS National Federations/Clubs affiliation Department
  • FIFS Legal Committee

To be a candidate for any of the mentioned Titles please contact FIFS.  

Who can be a candidate for one of the mentioned titles:


  • Your National Federation or Club should be officially registered in your country.
  • Your National Federation or Club should be officially registered and recognized by FIFS.
  • Candidate CV.
  • Candidate Picture with good quality.
  • Official request letter on your letterhead to be the candidate for the respective role.

Football Skating FIFS Congress

FIFS appointed International Professional Training Certification- IPTC as the main organization of the FIFS Extraordinary Congress 2022. 

IPTC organized all the previous congresses, educational seminars, and events for Federation International Football Skating. 

IPTC website: 



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