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FIFS exists to govern Football Skating to be able to simultaneously monitor both Roller Soccer and Futins disciplines, as well as to develop the sport globally.

We start FIFS- Federation International Football Skating with the objective of developing a welcoming structure that encompasses the family of Football/Soccer on Inline skates, Roller Skates, and Ice Skates which since 1995 has fostered incredibly talented players and international competitions mainly as RollerSoccer (aka RollerFoot).

Also, In 1996 Futins idea was born in Brazil.

Futins is a sport, which has been made by combining Skates and Football, the word “Futins” has been originated from the Portuguese words of futebol and Patines, which means football and skates. It is also known as RollerSoccer, RollerFoot, etc.

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History of Football Skating:

The sport was created in the Midlands district of the United Kingdom in 1882, and the first documented match was a game between local rivals Derby and Burton on 30 January of that year. Video footage first appeared at Forest Gate Roller Rink in 1934 in London, United Kingdom, where two teams of female players were filmed for an item on Pathe News. Over a decade later Billboard reported in 1949 that it had been revived in Detroit, having disappeared for more than thirty years. The game re-emerged for inlines in San Francisco in 1995, when a group of friends on inline skates began playing soccer with a pine cone. They soon switched to using a football.​​​​


As if playing football on concrete, trying to kick one of those vintage heavy leather balls in between two jumpers (makeshift posts) wasn’t hard enough, these kids were doing so on roller skates!
The above picture was taken in 1931 in East London, the area in which Millwall and West Ham United played (the former have since relocated to south-east London).
London has remained a hub of the sport that has become known as Rollersoccer. Indeed, in 2003, the English capital hosted the maiden Rollersoccer World Cup, with the Netherlands beating old rivals Germany in the final.



San Francisco, California USA is the birthplace of Modern RollerSoccer

On December 17, 1995, Zack Phillips kicked a stray soccer ball while skating through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. It was such a kick that Zack, an avid inline skater with limited soccer experience, envisioned a new sport. He immediately got his soccer ball and tested the idea on his skating friends, with whom he sometimes played impromptu games known as “kick-the-cone” (i.e. kicking a pine cone while skating). Soon, they too realized that roller-soccer had more to offer than roller-pinecone. Two weeks later, on December 31, Zack and a few friends marked off a playing area on John F. Kennedy Drive in GGP and began the first match of soccer on skates. The near-chaos of 23 enthusiastic men and women skaters chasing a soccer ball was quite a spectacle. The new sport, RollerSoccer was born.

During 1996, kicking and rolling grew in popularity, and rules were created. By the end of 1996 Zack founded the RollerSoccer International Federation (RSIF); introduced the sport to Hong Kong, Taiwan, New York, Atlanta, Miami, and Los Angeles; organized twice-weekly outdoor matches and several indoor matches in San Francisco; and created his now famous soccer ball hairstyle, which he has continuously maintained since September 1996. 1997 brought local, national, and international publicity to the sport as RollerSoccer leagues began in San Francisco. In addition, RollerSoccer exhibitions were held eight U.S. cities; and seven European countries including Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands.

The most notable exhibition was conducted at the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) trade show in Chicago with top X Games inline skaters such as Matt Salerno giving it a kick. International publicity exploded in 1998 as exhibitions were held in ten U.S. cities, five South American countries including Brazil, and seven European countries including England, Germany, and France. Notable exhibitions were held in Paris during the World Cup, in Munich at the ISPO sporting goods trade show, and at the MLS Cup Soccer Celebration with international soccer icon Alexi Lalas donning skates and scoring three goals.

In 1999 the RSIF focused on the US market by sponsoring the Diversity Tour, a nationwide skate festival spanning 25 cities, jointly produced by the Aggressive Skaters Association (ASA) and the godfather of aggressive skating, Chris Edwards. RollerSoccer skills challenges were conducted at each tour event, a tournament was held in San Francisco during the X Games, and clinics were held at the debut of the Gravity Games in Providence, RI. By year-end, several of the world’s top professional inline skaters including Chris Edwards, Matt Salerno, and Katie Brown had successfully tried their feet at RollerSoccer.

During the early 2000s, the RSIF continued global promotion and development of the sport. In 2004, the first RollerSoccer World Cup (RSWC) was held in London England, and in 2008 the most recent RSWC was held in San Francisco, California, where a U.S. team won the World Cup. The year 2009 brought the first RollerSoccer Club World Cup (RSCWC) in Brussels, Belgium. Later RSCWC’s have been to France, Italy, Netherlands, and Brazil. New national and international locations are planned for future tournaments.

RollerSoccer is a sport that embodies skill and finesse, rather than size and strength; therefore gender does not play a major role. When Zack started the sport male and female participants played together. RollerSoccer is sometimes perceived to be a dangerous game; however, injury statistics prove otherwise. While serious injuries can occur in sports, the game of RollerSoccer has evolved with an emphasis placed on safety, and the rate of injury is relatively low. Ensuring the safety of participants is a major focus for RollerSoccer USA which makes recommendations to make the game as safe as possible.

Putting soccer on wheels creates a fast-paced, high-scoring, team sport. Most participants have prior inline or roller skating experience; however, the fan base is much more diverse and includes supporters of the beautiful game (soccer), action sports, and, of course, skating.




Recife, Brazil is the birthplace of 1st edition Futins 

Futins Sport born in 1996 in Brazil, South America by Mr. Almir Falcao when on a Sunday afternoon he heard the sound of the ball hitting the wall of his house, his children Caio who was 7 years old at that time, and Juliana who was 10 were shooting and playing with the ball with their skates, he saw that and he thought he can adapt the idea in a futsal court.

RollerSoccer Asia Confederation:

In 2013 Mr. Mehdi Salmanpour, known as Arash joined the RollerSoccer International Federation as the President of the Asia Confederation, and Vice President of the RollerSoccer International Federation Worldwide Development.

From 2013-2016 Arash Salmanpour developed Football skating in many new countries.

In 2016 RollerSoccer and Futins decided to continue as two International independent Federations.



FUTINS International Federation:

Futins International Federation- FIF was founded by Mehdi Salman Pour and Almir Falcao as Co-founder in 2016.
Mr. Salmanpour was appointed as the FIF’ President and Mr. Falcao was appointed as the FIF’ Vice President.

Futins International Federation- FIF has developed a more sophisticated organizational structure and
Arash Salman Pour changed several rules completely and he has created the first Refereeing method of Futins / Football Skating.
He designed the (Grade C, Grade B, and Grade A) that can be used at the National level, Continental level, and International level.

The FIF’s new President also created the same academic methods for Futins International coaching.



Federation International Football Skating- FIFS

According to the IOC aims for the unification of similar sports, and emphasis on the cooperation of similar federations with each other, and according to the common goals of both RSIF and FIF Federations for the development and expansion of this sport, after several meetings between both federations officials, in February 2017 RSIF and FIF decided to join with each other again, and create a new International Federation as an umbrella for both FIF and RSIF.
both RollerSoccer and Futins will keep continuing as two official disciplines.

– Football Skating Club World Cup (RollerSoccer rules)
– Football Skating World Cup (Futins Rules)


Federation International Football Skating 1st Extraordinary Congress​

The First Extraordinary Congress of FIFS’s ended with a new President, 2 Vice Presidents, and its board members, new projects, purposes, etc.

The Congress that took place in Tasigo 5 Star Hotel, Eskisehir-Turkey held from 8th – 13th April 2017.
The exciting news is the consolidation of RollerSoccer International Federation RSIF and Futins International Federation FIF to a single International Federation that will serve as an umbrella for both federations/sports around the globe.


This new Federation elected a new President. Mr. Mehdi Salman Pour! He has been working tirelessly as the president of Futins International Federation and is fully committed to the development of the sport around the world.
Mr. Salmanpour is holding several official international positions in various International and continental Federations/organizations.
In fact, he made this First Extraordinary Congress possible, which made the consolidation of a single international federation possible.
And Mr. Zack Phillips founder and president of the RollerSoccer International Federation from the USA and Mr. Almir Falcao founder of the Futins sport and vice president of FIF, from Brazil, were elected as the two FIFS’ vice presidents.

From 8th April 2017, the cooperation of both RollerSoccer and Futins federations together and beside each other with the same aim and mission is confirmed.

Mr. Salmanpour shared his desire to continue working hard in order to take this sport to the whole world and a better level.

He would also like to introduce “Football Skating” as a major sport to Schools, colleges, and universities.
Also, the President talked about the role of the Federation in society and showed special sympathy for all people with varying gifts and limitations.

Salman Pour said We have to move on the correct way, develop our sport worldwide, education and certification programs should be our priority, increase our National Federations and Clubs, organize our World Cups and Club World Cups every two years with the highest possible quality. with this strategy one day soon we will celebrate in Olympic games.

Mr. Salman Pour started Football Skating sport when he was 14 years old. He said at that time, I thought I’m the founder of this sport and I named it “Skate Ball”. we organized several National Level Competitions when I was 17 years old.
but today I am proud myself that I am still in this beautiful sport, and hand in hand with Zack, Almir, and all my good colleagues around the world developing and improving Football Skating day by day.