On 8th August 2022,  Mehdi SALMAN POUR the President of the Federation International Football Skating FIFS and Sayim ADANUR the Turkey FIFS representative invited by Karadeniz Technical University KTU.

The main subject of this meeting was about the 15th Football Skating World Cup 2022 in Trabzon.

FIFS President mentioned, Karadeniz Technical University KTU where the host of the International Football Skating Certification Seminars which was organized by the International Professional Training Certification IPTC on Feb 2016. All the participants from various countries enjoyed the Certification seminars during their staying in Karadeniz Technic University.

The Prof. Dr. Hamdullah CUVALCI the Vector of the KTU said, with many reason Trabzon is a right choice to being the Football Skating World Cup host in 2022 and we at the KTU will do our best to have a successful organization in this sport city of Turkey.

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