Football Skating World Cup 2022 

Laws of the Game

Genova – Italy June 2022



Football Skating World Cup 2022 (FSWC 2022)


·        Football Skating

Agile Skating, Flawless maneuver throughout the court, ball control, dribble, pass, shoot, balance, strategy, excitement, fun, and much more are the main characteristics of the Football Skating game.


·        Number of Players in each team

Each team has a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 10 Players. In each match, 5 players are inside the playing area, and the rest of the players are substitutes. The reserve players can be the substitute for unlimited times during the match.


·        Teams

Shall constitute both Men and Women in the same team. One gender cannot be more than %70 of the team. For example, 5 Men/5 Women (Best team), 7 Men/3 Women or 7 Women/3 Men, 6 Men/4 Women, 6 Women/4 Men, etc. 

Teams that do not have a male or female player can not be more than 7 people.


·        Goalkeeper

The Goalkeepers can use the Ball with their hands only for 3 seconds. more than 3 seconds holding the Ball with hands (Ball Holding) fouls will be indicated by the 1st or 2nd referees. the match will continue from the Ball Holding mark. 

The goalkeeper will receive a personal foul by the table referee right after the third Ball Holding fouls. the match will continue from the Ball Holding mark. 

The goalkeeper will receive the second personal foul by the table referee right after the sixth Ball Holding fouls, and a short penalty will be awarded by the table referee. 

The match will continue from the short penally mark. 


·        Skates: 

In FSWC 2022, athletes can use In-line Skates or Roller Skates without breaks.


·        The age categories in FSWC 2022:

Football Skating has 4 different age categories which are as follow:

  • Under 10 years old
  • Under 14 years old
  • Under 17 years old
  • Above 17 years old (Seniors)   Accepting for FSWC 2022


·        Jersey Numbers

The player’s jersey numbers must be 1 – 15 & 20.

1 – 2- 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 20.


·        The Ball: 

Ball Size: for Football Skating and FSWC 2022, the official Ball size will be 4.5. FIFS will produce the new standard Ball for this sport.

The Ball should be spherical, made of leather or synthetic materials with a smooth surface.


·        The duration of matches:

Above 17 years old categories (Seniors)

This age category will play Football Skating matches for 20 minutes each half and 5 minutes break in the between. ( 20 – 5 – 20 )


·        Playing area: 

Football Skating can be played in Indoor, and outdoor facilities.

In FSWC 2022, Goalkeeper will support the team in the goal post, and 4 players are trying to win the match by their great teamwork, passing play, and goal scores.


·        Playing Court materials

The court material should be solid such as wood, parquet, concrete, plastic tiles, smooth asphalt, tar. It should be an anti-glare surface.

FSWC 2022′ courts dimensions –> Length: 40m with Width: 20m – Length: 30m with Width: 15m – Length: 60m with Width: 30m


·        Goal Post

The goalposts dimension –> Length: 300cm , Height: 200cm , top width: 80cm , bottom width: 100cm.


·        Accessories and Safety

The following accessories are required for all the athletes:

1. Skates without breaks, 

2. Shin Guard, 

3. Soft knee Pads,

4. Team Jersey with players number,

5. Goalkeeper special Jersey, different color

6. Goalkeeper Gloves,

7. Goalkeeper helmet,


·        FSWC 2022 organizer

The Football Skating World Cup 2022 will be organized by IPTC. 

Federation International Football Skating FIFS appointed the International Professional Training Certification IPTC as the main FIFS organization partner in FSWC 2022. 


All the National Federations and Teams registration/administration processes should be done by IPTC as soon as possible. 

IPTC will send the team’s registration fees, team’s necessary information, etc. to MSG 2022 Organization office in Italy as soon as possible.