FIFS Affiliation Process


Welcome to the FIFS affiliation page.

We will support you to register Football Skating National Federation/Association/Club in your country.

The National Federations (NF) will become the governing body for Football Skating in their country and the official affiliated member of both the Continental and the International Federations.



if you are a Football Skating, RollerSoccer, Futins, Roller Foot, etc. Club, you can be recognized by FIFS and receive your Club License immediately.

With this recognition, your club can participate in the Football Skating Club World Cups.  



FIFS affiliation department will support the registered Football Skating National Federations to be recognized by FIFS and get their (NF) Licenses.  

Also, this department will help the new National Federations who are under the process to be registered in their countries.

We will review your request letter and provide documents as soon as we received your application. 

FIFS will send you the final results right after your request and documents got approved by FIFS. 

The approbation and Recognition License will issue and send to you by the International Professional Training Certification License Department. 


How to Apply: 



Step 1- Executive Board

Electing or appointing the governing body 

  • President
  • Vice President/Vice Presidents
  • Secretary-General
  • Treasurer
  • Women’s Development Chairman
  • Committee members/commissions 


Step 2- Organization Name

Choose the name of the federation/association/Clubs according to the laws of your country, the Ministry of Sports, and the National Olympic Committee.


Step 3- Logo

Designing the official Logo of the federation/association/Club according to the laws of your country, the Ministry of Sports, and the National Olympic Committee.

The Logo must be approved by the FIFS as well.


Step 4- Documents Submission

  • Formally submit your application, the request letter (in your Letterhead include logo, address, and phone), and required documents to the Federation International Football Skating affiliation department.
  • A short CV/resume of the President.
  • Inform us briefly about what is your goal of registering this Federation/Club and what is your next 6 months development plan. 
  • High-quality logo in PNG and JPG format
  • High-quality biometric picture of the president.
  • The website and Social Media account addresses.

Please send the mentioned documents by email to: 


Step 5- After Approval

  • You will receive a confirmation email for your application.
  • Send us a short Federation/Association/Club history for the FIFS Website.
  • Send us the Full board members names for the website: (Secretary-General, Women’s Development Chairman, Current National Coach)
  • Send us your Team Jersey Pictures in PNG format for the International Federation website. 


Your Gov. Recognition – Final Step

Please, note that all the National Federations/Associations must be recognized, by their National Olympic Committee (NOC), Ministry of Sports, or any other official Government in their countries and provide us the recognition letter as soon as they received it. 

By showing the official FIFS recognition License to your sports Gov., inform them you received the final recognition from Federation International Football Skating. 

The FIFS affiliation department will be available for any necessary support. 

For more information, please, contact us: