Senegal expresses interest in Partnership with FIFS and IPTC

Dakar, September 2023,


The President of the Federation of International Football Skating (FIFS), Mr. Mehdi Salman Pour, along with FIFS officials, recently visited Senegal for an official meeting with the Senegal Government. The purpose of the visit was to discuss sports development, African educational programs, and the growth of Football Skating in Senegal.

During their trip to the city of Dakar, Mr. Salman Pour and his team were invited to various important offices, including the Sports Minister’s office, the National Olympic Committee office, the Senegal Football Federation President office, the Director of Sports office, Chamber of Commerce President office, and the Football Skating National Federation office. These meetings provided an opportunity for fruitful discussions on potential collaborations and partnerships, Africa Football skating Cup hosting in Senegal, Upcoming Football Skating World Cup 2024, etc.

The discussions primarily focused on sports development in Senegal, with an emphasis on the growth and promotion of Football Skating. Both parties expressed a keen interest in exploring ways to enhance sports education and training programs in the country.

As a gesture of appreciation and goodwill, Mr. Salman Pour awarded all the officials with the latest version of his book on Football Skating Laws of the game and refereeing. This gesture highlighted the FIFS President’s commitment to fostering knowledge and understanding of the sport.

The Senegal Government expressed its enthusiasm for a potential partnership with the Federation of International Football Skating (FIFS) and the International Professional Training Certificate (IPTC). The government officials acknowledged the importance of collaboration in achieving their sports development goals and highlighted their readiness to work closely with FIFS.

This meeting marks a significant step towards the promotion and development of Football Skating in Senegal and Africa. The FIFS President and his officials have returned with a renewed sense of optimism and a shared vision for a mutually beneficial partnership between the FIFS and the Senegalese Government.

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