Federation International Football Skating will elect and appoint the new board members for the following confederations and Committees:


  • Europe Confederation
  • Asia Confederation
  • Africa Confederation
  • America Confederation
  • Oceania Confederation

FIFS Committeis and Departmants: 

  • FIFS Men Athletes Representative
  • FIFS Women’s athletes representative
  • FIFS Women’s development
  • FIFS Education Development
  • FIFS Technical Committee
  • FIFS Schools Development
  • FIFS University Development
  • FIFS World Cup Committee
  • FIFS Judges Committee
  • FIFS Instructors Committee
  • FIFS National Federations/Clubs affiliation Department
  • FIFS Legal Committee

To be a candidate for any of the mentioned Titles please contact FIFS. 


Who can be a candidate for one of the mentioned titles:

  • Your National Federation or Club should be officially registered in your country.
  • Your National Federation or Club should be officially registered and recognized by FIFS.
  • Candidate CV.
  • Candidate Picture with good quality.
  • Official request letter on your letterhead to be the candidate for the respective role.

FIFS appointed International Professional Training Certification- IPTC as the main organization of the FIFS Extraordinary Congress 2022. 

IPTC organized all the previous congresses, educational seminars, and events for Federation International Football Skating. 

IPTC website: www.iptcertification.com 

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March 7, 2020
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