On 6th August 2022, Mehdi Salman Pour the Federation International Football Skating’ President for visit facilities and official meetings with Trabzon City officials entered this city.

Mr. Mehdi SALMAN POUR and The FIFS official Representative in Turkey Mr. Sayim ADANUR started their meetings and official visits in Trabzon.


The International Federation President mentioned, Trabzon is a Beautiful city. Trabzon has a very strong background for Football, the people love Football and sports and the Government of Trabzon supporting sports with International level.

Mehdi SALMAN POUR added, Trabzon has various standard indoor salon facilities, high quality conference and congress salons, Airport, hotels, good transportation, and the most important about Trabzon is the Governor, Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, Municipalities and Universities are very professional with International management strategy. no doubt The Federation International Football Skating can organize the best World Cup in this city and it wont forgot by any of the National Team players, Federations, and our VIP guests who will join the 15th Football Skating World Cup 2022 in Trabzon.

Sayim ADANUR said, TRABZON is the home for the Football Champion team. Today everyone in around the world knew well about Trabzon and Trabzon Sport Club. this beautiful city is not an ordinary city in Turkey but its a very important city. The Trabzon people and Government are always welcoming the international tourist and visitors. our city has enough potential to become the Football Skating World Cup host in December 2022.

The FIFS President and The Turkey Football Skating Representative will continuing their meetings with Trabzon officials on Monday 08 August 2022 to finalize the host city and country of the 15th Football Skating World Cup 2022.

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